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More than 10 million cases of the new coronavirus have been recorded in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to an AFP tally at 0640 GMT based on official sources.

A total of 10,001,833 cases have been recorded, of which 366,637 people have died and 8,537,563 are considered cured. According to official figures, the region is the most virus-hit region in the world in terms of deaths.

More than half of the cases registered in the region have been recorded in Brazil, which officially has 5,055,888 cases and 149,639 deaths.

It follows Colombia with 894,300 cases and 27,495 deaths; Argentina with 871,455 cases and 23,225 deaths; and Peru with 843,355 cases and 33,158 deaths.

Mexico, despite having fewer cases at 809,751, has suffered a large number of deaths – the fourth highest in the world – with a toll currently at 83,507.

The numbers that AFP uses data and World Health Organization (WHO) information collected by national authorities are likely to reflect only a fraction of the actual number of infections.

Many countries only test symptomatic or the most severe cases.

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