A medical worker speaks via Getty Images on Saturday, Nov. 28, with a person standing in line at a Covid-19 testing station in Seoul, South Korea. SeongJoon Cho / Bloomberg

South Korea reported 504 coronavirus cases on Saturday, the third straight day of more than 500 cases in a row, the National Disease Control and Prevention Authority (KDCA) said.

Of those, 486 are locally transferred cases and 18 are being imported, the KDCA added.

The new cases bring the national balance to 33,375 coronavirus cases. South Korea also reported six more coronavirus deaths, bringing the national death toll to 522.

The capital Seoul recorded 178 new coronavirus cases on Saturday, according to the city government.

Increased restrictions: Seoul has been under level 2 social distancing measures since Tuesday.

The surge in cases can be traced back to the entrance exam for the country’s national college, which is expected to take nearly 500,000 students.

On Friday, the KDCA urged people to “cancel all meetings” amid the surge in coronavirus cases.

On Thursday, the Department of Defense introduced a level 2.5 social distancing protocol, the second highest alert level that applies to all military bases. At this level, all vacations and trips outside the base are suspended, face-to-face meetings and events are banned, and religious services are switched to online.

The alert level was announced after a group of 68 coronavirus cases were discovered at a recruitment training center on Thursday. According to the Defense Ministry, 20 more cases were found in the military on Saturday.

Health care: The central government is also in the process of reviewing the health protocol for patients with coronavirus in the event of future hospital bed shortages.

On Saturday, the government announced that it had completed an initial review for home care for coronavirus patients with mild symptoms and children infected with the virus.

Further discussions with experts are ongoing, the government health official added.