Former boxing champ Mike Tyson has reiterated his worrying plans to compete with the best modern heavyweights in his mid-50s – but returning UFC fighter Conor McGregor has confirmed his claim of being “resurrected by gods”.

The great heavyweight Tyson was in even more bullish shape than usual as he looked at his upcoming veteran show with Roy Jones Jr. and bravely insisted that higher powers urge him to return to the ring more than 15 years after his last fight.

Fans again questioned the wisdom of the move as he reconsidered his imaginative suggestion to rival top modern day powerhouses like Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, arguing that his skills would make match-ups “mind-blowing”.

“Old folks – that word doesn’t even make sense,” Tyson told an interviewer when he again seemed to deny that despite his inaction, he had peaked since he was beaten lightly by journeyman Kevin McBride in 2005.

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“Old? This is just a new time, a new period of thought in our life. We want to do that.

“Sometimes the gods of war revive you and say, ‘You have to do more.’ Now I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t prepare for it.

“You know, I box people to see if I’ll be able to do this stuff so I can do this stuff.”

Tyson, 54, looked closely at the pads as he prepared to meet Jones Jr. next month. The new coach Rafael Cordeiro has classified him as a 21-year-old’s potential.

Commissioners have warned that neither Tyson nor his 51-year-old opponent, who won a cruiserweight title in 2018, will be allowed to take out each other for health reasons for middle-aged opponents.

He’s watched too many Vikings

– Scott (@ Scottcharlie123) November 6, 2020

“Wait, this is a practice round to see if he can fight heavyweights now?” asked one fan in response to “Iron Mike” remarks suggesting that he was looking beyond Jones Jr. and aiming to regain a legitimate force in the elite. “Damn it.”

Another joked: “Sometimes you call the managers at your bank and say, ‘You have to do more.'”

Former UFC two-weight defending champion McGregor, who is planning his own comeback after a long layoff and his third resignation announcement earlier this year, highlighted Tyson’s comments with a message of support.

The provocative couple have exchanged harsh words in the press and social media over the past few years and have respected each other. A month after losing to UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov in October 2018, McGregor even visited Tyson’s marijuana ranch in the United States.

McGregor’s reaction drew more excitement among fans, who are thrilled that the 32-year-old is making his long-awaited comeback, slated to face former victim Dustin Poirier in January.

While McGregor is sure to be a competitor again by age 32, Tyson’s chances of reliving his two decades as champion and challenger seem less likely.

“I’m trying and it’s going to be pretty interesting,” he said, describing a shot at the current generation of leading fighters as a “novelty”. “I’m interested in waiting whatever happens.

“I’m using my skills and now comparing my skills with the best heavyweights in the world – that would be amazing.”

Tyson and Jones Jr will meet in Los Angeles on November 28th.

Sometimes the bank managers will call you and say, “You need to do more.”

– 🅳🆂145🅺 (@ WMKING2425) November 6, 2020

Wait, this is a practice round to see if he can fight heavy weights right now? Damn it

– _Brb_ (@ Br_Nard12) November 5, 2020

Everything Tyson says is quotable

– Mamba (@BradChilling) November 5, 2020

“They can show their boxing skills, but I don’t want them to hurt each other to the best of their ability,” said Andy Foster, executive director of the California State Athletic Commission, when the scrap was announced.

“You’re going to save hard, but you shouldn’t go for a knockout. This is not a record book fight.

“This is currently not a world championship boxing. It is not what it is.

“People shouldn’t be knocked out. The public can see what shape Roy and Mike are still in.”

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