How to Record a 12-Hour Home Study Course

Home study courses are the answers to the problem that affect most people who have extremely busy schedules. Through these, people who are always on-the-go now have the option to learn at the comforts of their own home.

If you’re a college instructor or if you’re running an online university, recording and offering short home study courses through the internet will help you attract more students who prefer to learn at their most convenient time.

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Here’s how you can record a 12-hour home study course:

1. First step is to set the goals of the course. What is it that you would want your students to achieve after the course? Ensure that the goals you set are measurable and realistic. For example, if your course is about academic writing, the goal of the program should be to ensure that your students will be equipped with skills, knowledge, and even tools they need to write their own academic papers without assistance from other people.

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2. Prepare plans of actions to effectively realize the goal. Create lesson plans that you’re going to use on your home courses. List down the information that you’re going to give out, the topics that you’re going to discuss, and the type of hands-on practice that you’re going to require to ensure that your clients will learn. My suggestion is to break down your home course into 12 chapters and discuss one chapter per hour.

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3. Decide if you’re going to go with audio or video recording. Depending on your potential clients’ preferences, you can offer either audio or video recording. It’s important to note however that video recording or video series are much more expensive compare to audio products. Once you made the decision, you can easily get the equipment you’ll be needing to record the whole course. Ensure that you invest on high quality tools and gadgets.

4. Start your recording. Start by giving your clients an overview of the course. Give them an idea on the things that they’ll learn at the end of the program. Then, explain how these things can help them realize their goals. Proceed by discussing the goals of the program and how you intend to ensure that these goals are met in the end.

Proceed by giving out in-depth information, thorough explanation, insider tips and techniques, etc. Also, anticipate the questions that these people might raise and provide the right answers. From time to time, encourage them to do hands-on practice if there’s a need for it.

Discuss your topics using simple language to ensure that your audience will easily get the message that you’re trying to get across. Don’t use acronyms and big words without defining them first. Keep your sentences short to avoid losing their attention.

When offering step-by-step guide, I would suggest that you show these people how things are done so they can easily follow. Use images, graphics, and illustrations when and as needed. End the course by giving your students the summary of the course and by repeating the most important information that you would like them to always keep in mind. Don’t forget to encourage these people to email or call you up should they need further assistance.

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