Has Eva Mendes freaked out because the gorgeous Ana de Armas got too close to Ryan Gosling? Recent tabloids suggest Eva and Ryan tied the knot during the lockdown, although neither report has publicly confirmed. Well there Ana and Ben Affleck People want to know who she’s going to date next, and people can’t stop guessing that her next love might be one of her co-stars. Ana is currently shooting her second film with Ryan Gosling, The Gray Man, and a new report in the upcoming April 19, 2021 issue of Life & Style suggests Eva is concerned about the couple’s friendship. Ana and Ryan played together in Blade Runner 2049 and fans love the chemistry on the couple’s screen. But does that mean Eva has to worry about what might happen off-screen?

Speaking to Life & Style, a source said filming the second movie together only improved their chemistry. This isn’t the first time tabloids have claimed love is in the air for Ana and one of her co-stars. Another report indicated that Ana was interested in Bridgerton’s Rege-Jean Page, who also appears in the film. While Ana may be single, Rege-Jean and Ryan are not. Rege-Jean is in a relationship with Emily Brown and Ryan shares two daughters Eva Mendes . Not everyone believes the report and believes that Ana is trying to get Ryan and Rene away from their partners.

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Fans were surprised when Ben Affleck’s relationship with Ana ended after about 10 months of dating. At some point the two seemed inseparable and Ben seemed to fall head over heels in love with the Cuban beauty. Neither of them have spoken publicly about their breakup or explained what went wrong in their relationship, but there is no doubt that many were concerned that Ben would fall behind after the breakup.

Although the article indicated that Ryan and Ana have crazy chemistry; The source pointed out that Ryan was just a gentleman to Ana. Even so, the source says that Eva may want to keep an eye on her husband to remind Ana that he has been taken.

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What do you think? Should Eva Mendes be concerned? Should she spend more time on set keeping an eye on Ana and Ryan?

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