Conor McGregor’s sparring partner in Dubai, Irish professional boxer Dylan Moran, has vowed to rip the head off YouTuber Jake Paul and insists that he “pissed off the wrong Irishman” when the “spoiled brat” mocked him online.

He left and bit off more than he can chew. I’m not after Jake Paul’s money, but he’s just mad at the wrong Irishman.

Moran, who has won 15-1 in his professional career and is touted as one of Ireland’s next top fighters, is currently in Dubai helping compatriot Conor McGregor in his preparations for his UFC 257 rematch against Dustin Poirier on May 23. January.

While sharpening the tools of The Notorious, YouTubers and 2-0 professional boxer Jake Paul decided to incite the 26-year-old by posting a video mocking Moran’s only loss, a KO in the US, going viral.

This came after ‘Problem Child’ Paul launched a devastating attack on McGregor himself that insulted his wife Dana White and the Irish people as a whole. Unsurprisingly, Paul’s video disheveled a few feathers, but it didn’t

Moran, who hails from Dungarvan, southern Ireland, told RT Sport he would “rip off” Paul’s head and insist that the American respond for his words in an arranged fight at Floyd Mayweather’s gym.

YouTuber became boxer Jake Paul tried you. They fired back, got straight to the point, and cut right to the bone in a Lambourginhi on the Dubai Strip. Take us through how it came about, what stage is it at now?

I’m training out here with Conor (McGregor) and I’m excited to be here. It was a great experience. It’s a great experience and me and Conor just did our thing, Conor has a real fight ahead of them, he and Dustin Poirier are an amazing event and I can’t wait to see it.

While this was all going on and I and Conor were training hard, a video was made or a picture was taken of me and Conor sparring. I am full of blood. That was it, the video was well received on the internet and I went to bed that night and got up the next morning. My phone was literally off the hook and I didn’t know what it was about. Next I checked and Jake Paul made this video. And it put me at a loss worldwide that I had in America when I was knocked out. It really started there and basically just started there.

Jake Paul posted a post last year saying he would be the greatest prize fighter in the world. I want you to finish this sentence: “Jake Paul is the greatest in the world … what?”

[Laughs] Fool! It’s crazy how to look. Fair play for Jake Paul and what he does and all that and he makes a lot of money but stays on your own track! You know this battle business is no joke. He left and bit off more than he can chew. I’m not after Jake Paul’s money, but he’s just mad at the wrong Irishman. You know he has to secure it. I’m busy with Conor’s training camp at the moment and Conor’s fight is the most important. I can’t wait for him to win. He and Dustin Poirier will be a great event.

But after that. It won’t stop. It’s that simple. You can’t just post a video of me around the world and expect it to be, it just stops there. No, it won’t happen like that, he has to support what he did. He wants to pretend he’s a fighter, now he has to be one. He pissed me off and has to secure it, and it really is.

So, if this fight is waged between you and Jake Paul – his brother Logan Paul fought the fight with Floyd Mayweather so it is not beyond possibility – how do you view this fight? How does it end?

Like I said, I don’t chase a big event or anything like that. I just want Jake Paul to put his gloves on and step in the ring like I said at Floyd Mayweathers Gym. I’m not after his money, I’m not after a big event or big contract that makes it difficult. I’ll just fly to America and get in the ring. I will go to his door.

Like I said, he’s mad at the wrong guy. He should have just left it. And if it happens the way I said it would, I’ll rip Jake Paul’s head off. It’s not a boxing match, this is personal now. That’s just how it is. I don’t put anyone in or out. I woke up that morning and there was a video of me getting knocked out. It’s gone worldwide. I get messages from all over the world. It is clear to see how hated this guy is and everyone wants him to teach a lesson and I am the man who does that 100%.

Did you ever contact Floyd Mayweather to use his gym?

Not at all. My phone has been off the hook in the past two days to be honest. It’s hard to understand everything. So I’ve made it easy for myself to wait for everything to wear off. But as I said – it will not stop. This guy comes on the internet and doesn’t respect left to right and center fighters.

But he doesn’t respect high profile fighters who would need a big event and would be after his money and it would take a long time and he doesn’t respect me and it’s gone worldwide. I’m not a high profile guy. I’m good to go to America today and get in the ring. Do you know what i mean? So he has to back up what he said about me much faster than he would with others.

He continues that he is 2-0 as a boxer. How do you rate these two fights? He’s posted a ton of videos to take out people in sparring. What do you think of all of this

I didn’t even watch his, his fights. Being a YouTuber says enough. There is no YouTuber who will beat me in the ring. It’s that simple. I don’t have to watch his videos. I wouldn’t look at her. Just look at the ugly one! He’s kidding! You know. And as I said, fair play for the guy, respect for what he does. He’s good at what he does, but he makes video games, he’s not a fighter. Keep making videos. I can’t do videos so I don’t. You can’t fight, so don’t.

You said you weren’t making videos. But is there a bit of you trying to capitalize on this Jake Paul stuff, and when the Floyd Mayweather “Dog House” video comes out, can you go from there?

I’m exactly the guy I scratched my ass off to come here. You know what I mean and this world that was created from videos back and forth today, I just don’t buy into it. If Jake Paul had lived closer to me when he posted the video, I would have been at his door and not have made a video in a Lambourginhi – and that’s just me as a person, you know what I mean?

I’m tied up at the moment. He did what he did. He will have to secure it and I will not let it slip. It’s that simple. He’s mad at the wrong guy. You can’t do such a thing and expect people to just brush it off. Yes, I can see the benefits without a doubt, but at the same time I can’t sleep at night until I make peace with it. Like I said, he got me banned all over the world. You can’t do that and just get away with it.

And just a few final words you would like to say in support of Jake Paul, your fans, Conor McGregor and anything else?

Last words? Just to Jake Paul: It’s not over yet. I know you didn’t answer, but it won’t go away. Sooner or later you will see Dylan Moran.