Donald Trump, more than a month since his last day at the White House, turned his heads late at night when New York prosecutors finally acquired the former president’s tax returns. Among the hosts who made fun of the long-awaited moment was Jimmy Kimmel.

“I wonder how many pages of the Cheesecake Factory menu he snuck in,” joked the Jimmy Kimmel Live host on Thursday.

During his opening monologue, Kimmel referred to an old New York Times report that reported that Trump “paid no tax at all” for the years he filed his taxes because “he lost huge sums of money” . From Trump’s financial position to the 2020 election, Kimmel said there was one word to describe someone like Trump.

“Guillermo, what’s the word?” Asked Kimmel Guillermo.

“Loser,” he replied.

Criticized the fact that Trump can “claim huge losses, pay no taxes and still live like a billionaire,” Kimmel added that potential tax evasion could not even bring the former host of the Celebrity Apprentice to jail. Instead of the white privilege, Kimmel said that Trump benefits from “Orange Privilege”.

The late-night presenter has also indicted Trump supporter and “frontrunner for the worst person of 21” Marjorie Taylor Greene for opposing the Equality Act. He also highlighted Taylor Greene, who described herself as the victim of the January 6 attacks in the U.S. Capitol.

Kimmel said he found Taylor Greene’s comments in Congress interesting because Anthony Aguero, a Conservative activist who was among the rioters on Jan. 6, was one of the agent’s “closest friends and allies”.

“Oh my god, we have a Karen in Congress now, she’s so terrible,” he said.

New Covid-19 variants, monkeys and the controversy surrounding the rebranding of Potato Head were also the focus of Kimmel’s monologue. Check it out above.