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Johnson & Johnson remains “very confident” about its COVID-19 vaccine and hopes for a speedy resolution of the status by regulators, a top executive said Tuesday.

“We remain very confident and very confident that the benefit-risk profile will change,” Joseph Wolk, J & J’s chief financial officer, told CNBC.

The comments preceded a decision expected later Tuesday by the European Medicines Agency on the safety of the single vaccination.

U.S. pandemic adviser Anthony Fauci said the United States is expected to announce its decision by Friday.

Health officials in the United States recommended an interruption of the vaccine on April 14 after six cases of severe blood clots from nearly seven million Americans who received the vaccine.

The company hopes “shortly … maybe by the end of this week to find a solution on how we will proceed,” said Wolk.

When asked whether the US decision to suspend the program would affect public confidence in vaccines, Wolk said, “I hope that by the end of the week people will generally feel more confident about taking the vaccine.”

The comments came when J&J released its first quarter results.

A press release on the results did not address vaccine regulatory issues, but it did indicate that the vaccine had sales of $ 100 million in the United States during the reporting period. J&J sells the vaccine at cost.

J&J has also identified manufacturing issues at an Emergent BioSolutions-managed facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Food and Drug Administration has stopped production at the facility until the facility has been checked.

Wolk said J&J expects, after FDA review, “to be able to meet our contractual obligations not just here in the US but around the world.”

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