UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal has boasted of “burying” Ben Askren in the fastest UFC knockout ever, saying that Askren is more of a “step sniffer” than MMA after helping Jake Paul get into boxing prepare against him.

Cage veteran Masvidal was a surprising addition to YouTuber Paul’s training team while preparing for the fight on April 17, when retired MMA fighter Askren will switch his hands to boxing to tackle two newbies in the ring.

Masvidal, who was branded a traitor by some fans for helping Paul try to put an MMA fighter out of circulation, was caught in the head-to-head fight between social media sensation Paul and his own Opponents clearly unimpressed last week as he watched Askren poke Paul in the face before the pair nearly came to a blow.

“The person I buried doesn’t represent MMA,” announced Masvidal, referring to his record-breaking win over Askren at UFC 239 in July 2019, when it took him just five seconds to finish the scrap with a flying knee.

The person I buried doesn’t represent MMA. He represents all tough core and casual step snoopers #andnew

– Jorge Masvidal UFC (@GamebredFighter) March 28, 2021

How much would another adult have to pay to be their cheerleader? I think Jake’s party is so scared.

– Funky (@Benaskren) March 27, 2021

“He represents all hardcore and casual snoopers in the crotch.”

Former Bellator MMA and ONE champion Askren targeted the entourage of 24-year-old internet personality Paul.

“How much would another grown man have to pay to be his cheerleader?” he asked. “I think Jake’s party is so shaken.”

The Maga Act and the Jake Paul Act have to go, he used to be a fan, it’s sad to be honest.

– Zyde (@ zydenawabi10) March 27, 2021

Surprised to have time to tweet when you have to answer @jakepaul when he calls. I hope the bag was worth it

– Jamie (@ Jamiemode99) March 27, 2021

Masvidal can be seen in footage helping Paul, who has two professional boxing victories against unannounced opponents like ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, improve his hand speed.

The majority of fans seemed to be on Askren’s side. “The MAGA and Jake Paul acts have got to go,” one said, citing Masvidal’s support for Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan as he joined the former US head of state on his campaign before he didn’t want to win re-election to president last year. “I used to be a fan. It’s sad, honest.”

Another said, “If he’s on the side of a YouTuber who’s talking about MMA, you can’t take Masvidal seriously. He’s only there for the money. He’s just a journeyman.”

Jorge has turned into everything he hated in a fighter

– Liam Gearing (@ Gearing1) March 27, 2021

He who supports Jake Paul tells you a lot about Jorge

– Jeff (@ Jeff58203206) March 27, 2021

Jorge has already said that he doesn’t like Ben. If someone fights him, he’ll choose Ben again

– farzon kabeer (@FarzonKabeer) March 28, 2021

The seemingly bitter feud between Paul and Askren has shared some UFC numbers, with promotion president Dana White suggesting putting $ 1 million on Askren and fighter Mike Perry warning Askren that he would suffer at the hands of celebrity.

In an attempt to raise Paul, Askren produced a video on Sunday parodying himself as he ran through the snow and appeared in farcical training scenes.

“When I got a reputation for fighting [YouTuber] Logan Paul’s little brother, I had to go to Rocky Style training, “he said.

Masvidal is on duty at UFC 261 the week after Askren and Paul’s scrap metal as he tries to avenge his loss to Kamaru Usman last July.

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