Jose Mourinho has hinted that he will be returning to football very soon when he gave brief comments to the media after the Portuguese boss was sacked by Tottenham Hotspur after 17 months.

Mourinho received his running papers Monday morning in the haze of greater excitement over Tottenham’s involvement in the much-maligned European runaway league and just days before the Londoners pursued their first cutlery in 12 years when they faced Manchester City’s league cup final on Sunday.

However, if you think his recent high profile exit from a Premier League team could mark the end of his time as a top manager, think again.

Speaking to reporters outside his home on Monday afternoon, Mourinho stayed on the details of his resignation but confirmed that we have not seen the last of one of the most notorious football figures.

“You know me, you know I won’t say anything,” Mourinho told Sky Sports, but when examined he said he didn’t expect to spend too long on the sidelines.

“No need, no need for breaks and [recharging] Batteries. I’m always in football. “

Just before his farewell interview, Mourinho might have been the first manager to film the media as they huddled around his car, waiting for his thoughts.

“They don’t give me privacy,” Mourinho explained in a video that garnered more than 1.3 million views in two hours and turned to show a group of cameramen and journalists.

“Even my friend Gary [Cotterill, Sky journalist] bothers me This is my life. “

But the location of Mourinho’s next move will be a subject of heated debate. The Portuguese boss’s last three jobs in England – Chelsea, Manchester United and now Tottenham – could be described as failures in a certain light and it remains to be seen whether he has exhausted his opportunities in the English game.

Other leagues may offer more attractive opportunities. Mourinho remains a legendary figure at Inter Milan for his Serie A and Champions League exploits over a decade ago, while LaLiga may also remain an option. Real Madrid reportedly considered reinstalling Mourinho before Zinedine Zidane was in charge of Santiago Bernebeu for a second time.

Mourinho has also expressed a desire to coach the Portuguese national team in the past. Fernando Santos’ position in the role he has held since 2014 may be at risk if the usual carousel of managers takes place at the end of the European summer championships.

One thing is certain, however: Mourinho will remain one of the most talked about bosses in the game – whether he’s in a dugout or not.

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