The high-profile young boss Julian Nagelsmann could be the youngest high-profile German coach to switch to the Premier League. The 33-year-old is said to be “interested” in replacing Jose Mourinho at Tottenham Hotspur.

After a promising start to the season, Mourinho’s side fell out of favor as we enter the Premier League final. The North Londoners, who were at one point on the top of the table, then fell back to ninth place after losing five of their last six league games.

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The misfires have sparked increased speculation that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy could cut his losses with nomad Mourinho and instead join a seemingly growing trend in imports from the German Bundesliga.

And while Mourinho remains on solid foundations at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Nagelsmann would reportedly be interested in potentially taking over the club if the opportunity arises.

Respected Bild reporter Christian Falk tweeted “true” when sharing claims that the 33-year-old could be seduced into Spurs.

Nagelsmann himself said earlier this month that he would be interested in taking on a challenge in the top English league.

“The Premier League is a very interesting league and I can imagine that one day being a great manager in the Premier League like Jürgen could be a big goal [Klopp]who is very successful, “he said.

“It could be a step into the future. You know, in football it is not that easy to plan how long you will be a manager in Leipzig. When will you go to the Premier League?”

“I could imagine going to the Premier League. I could imagine staying in the Bundesliga throughout my career as a manager. It’s cool to be a manager in my own country, I love it.

“Then maybe we can meet in person in the Premier League in the future, who knows.”

Nagelsmann is considered by many to be the most exciting young coach in Europe after losing only 13 games at RB Leipzig since taking office in the summer of 2019. Currently they are only three points behind Bayern Munich at the top of the Bundesliga and boast one game in hand at the same time.

His successes this season were further increased after losing striker Timo Werner to Chelsea in the summer. At the end of the current season, French national defender Dayot Upamencano will be lost to rival Bavaria.

Nagelsmann’s candidacy for top jobs in English football is likely bolstered by former Borussia Dortmund boss Klopp’s success in Liverpool, while another German, Thomas Tuchel, has remained undefeated since Frank Lampard took over the Chelsea job at Stamford Bridge in January.

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RB Leipzig sports director Markus Krosche, however, seems to be interested in holding onto his valuable asset – especially after he has monitored the top-class exits of the game staff.

“If you do a good job, you arouse the desire,” Krosche told Bild von Nagelsmann’s suitors.

“But Julian feels good because he has everything he needs here. The team is developing well. So I see no reason for him to change, especially since he has a valid contract with us.”