Morgan Freeman will commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day tomorrow with a series of 12 videos that will play every hour at 8 a.m. Eastern Time on Freeman’s Instagram page. Every video is reminiscent of Dr. King’s words, most of which have a lot to say about life in difficult times, as he did when he said them in the 60s.

Freeman narrates every video that plays against the backdrop of monuments from Capitol Hill to Edmund Pettis Bridge, where Dr. King led the March from Selma Alabama, during which protesters were brutally attacked by police. The shocking televised images became a focus for the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

“We have seen many acts of selflessness all over the world,” Freeman said. “Neighbors, friends, and even strangers work together to heal our world. In these troubled times we must remember and exalt the good. As we rise above violence. Today is not an ordinary day Today is about a man who had a dream and had the voice to tell the truth to an entire country. Although there was opposition. And it was incredibly unpopular. It shook an entire nation and paved the way for equality and justice. He paid for this dream. And it cost him his life. That is why we must never forget him today. We need to remember to keep the dream alive. So be kind. Show love to each other. Help pave the way for equality and justice. And trust that our great country can recover from everything. Because we are thanking Dr. Remember Martin Luther King Jr. “