Twitter ads confronted UFC President Dana White after he was seen stepping out of a car with his close friend Donald Trump on their way to the U.S. presidential campaign and receiving predictable criticism for appearing to be mask-free.

Republican Party supporter White was called out when a presenter and former basketball player saw him get out of a presidential car he drove with Trump in Las Vegas and thanked a presidential employee as the couple got on a plane rose to Arizona.

Trump was controversial when he took part in a drive-by for his supporters just days after testing positive for Covid-19 earlier this month, and self-proclaimed experts were once again on the offensive over White’s obvious decision during the pandemic.

“That’s a maskless Dana White getting out of the car, isn’t it?” the viewer asked, sparking a flurry of sarcastic comments that White insisted that the UFC had scrupulously followed coronavirus containment protocols.

Yes. But why should he wear a mask? President Trump doesn’t have the virus. And if Dana White does, he won’t be able to convey it to the President.

– DaronsDubs415 (@ DaronsDubs415) October 28, 2020

“Why should he wear a mask?” fired back an observer. “President Trump doesn’t have the virus.

“And if Dana White does, he can’t convey it to the President.”

Another signaled the boredom that many feel about the blurring between sport and political scoring.

“How often does Dana make political statements on the clock?” They asked.

“Really ask. I don’t remember him saying anything political during a live UFC event. I could be wrong and if someone can tag a video I would appreciate it.”

During UFC 254 over the weekend, one fan wrote: “Dana White is just saying ‘fuck you’ to the over-the-top social distancing and mask wearing after testing the Bubble Sports League’s negative shtick.

Yes. He can’t catch or covet because he already had it, can he? People who just want to stir the pot

– Eric Justice (@ chefjustice1) October 28, 2020

Dana White is simply exaggerating: “Social distancing and masking after testing the negative Bubble Sports League” Guys do face to face interviews shoulder to shoulder and I love it.

– Desto (@DestoLeafs) October 24, 2020

Trump on California’s restrictive COVID-19 regulations: “In California you have to eat through the mask … if you eat spaghetti and meatballs, it looks like you had an argument with Dana White.”

– Courtney Holland @ (@hollandcourtney) October 28, 2020

“Guys do personal interviews shoulder to shoulder and I love it.”

White was a longtime ally of business colleague Trump, who praised the Republican candidate at rallies and reportedly donated $ 1 million to his campaign.

Prior to UFC 249 earlier this year, he claimed that UFC athletes and staff were being “tested like crazy” costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to graduate, significantly increasing sales at a time when fans were barred from attending events impaired.

“We’ll be doing over 1,100 tests this week alone,” White told a podcast. “It’s expensive. All in all, it’s probably $ 130 to $ 135 per test.”

The wearing of masks was a controversial point in the United States where several high profile incidents took place, including police visiting gyms who refused to close and an apparent police attack on a woman who was last seen at a baseball game in The school did not wear a mask month have raised questions about personal freedom.

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Speaking in Arizona, Trump was checking White while bizarrely claiming authorities forced people to wear “special” masks in public.

“Boy, you know, when you have spaghetti and meat sauce, that mask doesn’t look good,” he told a crowd of followers ahead of next week’s elections.

“When you go out, you look like you had an argument with Dana White. Where’s dana?

“Does anyone know who Dana White is? It looks like you had a fight with one of his fighters.”

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