New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks during an interview on November 30th. CNN

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said schools are some of the safest places in town as he stated his decision to reopen public elementary schools and resume face-to-face teaching.

“When we set that 3% [infection rate threshold,] We didn’t have the information we have now, ”he told CNN. “But now it’s time for something else.”

“That 3% standard turned out to be different from what we thought after so much experience with schools,” he added, saying that the model needs to be more sustainable until there is a coronavirus vaccine. “We decided we would need a lot more testing to do this [available] in every school. “

Students in grades 3K, Pre-K and K-5 can resume their personal lessons on December 7th. The city will address the question of when middle and high school students can return to face-to-face teaching in the future.

Every school will have weekly tests and students will need to be tested and given a consent form, de Blasio said of the reopening guidelines in place.

The current testing capacity only allows the city to bring back elementary school students. Over time, the city will also bring back middle and high school students, de Blasio said.

If a student tests positive for Covid-19, the entire classroom will be quarantined, he added.

“[If] There are several cases in the school, there is a careful investigation to see if the school only needs a temporary closure or a full two-week quarantine, “he said on Monday.” That worked and it has enabled us to keep the vast majority of our schools open the vast majority of the time. But it also gives us the opportunity to pinpoint problems and fix them quickly with our test and trace corps. “

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