Update for more analysis and top 10 charts: With even more theaters closed this past weekend, including Boston Market and parts of Portland, OR, there wasn’t much cash to make at the box office, even with a shiny new big-screen studio movie, Sony / Screen Gems’ Monster Hunter, the respected the window. Coupled with the fact that consumer habits did not change before Christmas during the pandemic – that is, they are busy with other vacation activities, such as B. Shopping etc. – and we have here with Milla Jovovich, directed by Paul WS Anderson, very lackluster results, feature adaptation of the Capcom Vido game $ 2.2M.which is much lower than everyone expected.

Keep in mind, however, that Monster Hunter is only booked in 1,736 theaters, while the last Resident Evil: The Final Chapter of the Anderson-Jovovich combo in 2016 took place in 3,104 theaters on the opening weekend and grossed $ 13.6 million on the last weekend in January (in In retrospect, a stellar result that Sony and the show would die for at the moment (but a subdued result by normal market standards). Why did Sony go with the film? Because they wanted to bet on Asian markets, which is what Anderson and Jovovich’s Resident Evil series are in above average (sadly, the release of the picture was foiled by the Chinese authorities because of a scene they believed was racist.) According to iSpot, the TV ad dollar tracker, Sony did not spend on opening the film. It is likely that they are holding back some of the minimal marketing dollars they have to spend in theater-open areas are open, like in the south, as we approach vacation.

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Warner bros

Obviously, what happens to Warner Bros. Wonder Woman 1984? The sequel to Gal Gadot DC may actually show some signs of life while on vacation. First, it opens on Christmas Day, when admissions open, and second, Warners has so far spent more US TV advertising dollars on Wonder Woman in 1984 than Sony did last weekend on Monster Hunter, between $ 17 million and $ 1.3 million. That’s not to say Sony won’t spend a bit more on vacationing in areas like the south where movie theaters are open. Even so, it remains a bad box office situation when marketing and BO capitals New York and Los Angeles close their theaters. It’s just not worth the studio money you’re spending. As for HBO Max, who is into movie ticket sales in WW1984, how can we tell the impact of having fewer theaters open now than Tenet tried to revive the industry in late August?


Meanwhile, on the fourth weekend, the sequel to Universal DreamWorks Animation Croods: A New Age Fight against Monster Hunter for number 2 $ 2 million in 1,906 theaters; Remember, the movie is already on PVOD! (Check your Amazon Prime menus). The sequel, staged by Joel Crawford, now ranks $ 27 million domestically, $ 84.5 million in WW, with nearly 60% of that number coming from China alone at $ 50 million.