Despite President Trump’s very public opposition to the wearing of masks for much of this year, a recent poll by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that a vast majority of Americans of all ages have been wearing face-covering since April.

The data published in the agency’s weekly morbidity and mortality report is roughly in line with other surveys that suggest most Americans wear masks, at least when in stores.

For example, in August, Pew Research reported that 85 percent of 13,200 The adults they surveyed said they wear masks in stores, up from 65 percent in June.

In a National Geographic poll released earlier this month, 92 percent of 2,200 Americans polled said they wore a mask all the time or sometimes when they left the house.

The CDC data, which is based on three monthly surveys of approximately 2,000 Americans each, only covers April through June.

A CDC spokesperson attributed the delay in the publication of survey results to “the overwhelming amount of research being done at the agency”.

The survey looked at six risk reduction behaviors: wearing masks, washing hands, staying within two meters of others, refusing social activities, avoiding crowds, and avoiding restaurants.

In general, the older the respondents, the more action they took. But as early as April, 70 percent of all 18 to 29 year olds said they were wearing masks, while 84 percent of those over 60 did so.

As of June, 86 percent of young Americans said they were wearing them, while 92 percent of seniors said they did.

Frequent hand washing or disinfecting was equally popular, but declined slightly in all age groups from April to June, as scientists found that the virus was transmitted through a mist of tiny droplets rather than ingesting surfaces.

The least common measures among all age groups were “canceling or postponing entertainment, social or leisure activities” and “avoiding all or some restaurants”.

In their analysis of the data, the authors found: “A lower participation in mitigation behavior in younger adults could be a reason for the increased incidence of Covid-19 cases in this group, which has been shown to increase in people aged 60 and over Years ahead. ”

The results, the authors say, show that Americans need clear advice “especially for young adults” on how to protect themselves, including by wearing masks.

On Friday, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, wrote on CNN: “If people don’t wear masks, maybe we should make it mandatory.”