The hairy streaker who slipped into the closed-door Granada-Manchester United match and stormed the pitch completely naked has been dubbed the peace-loving local exhibitionist Olmo Garcia.

Players and fans watching around the world took notice as Garcia prowled the lawn at Spain’s Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes Thursday night, avoiding security guards before rolling around on the pitch in the theater.

The game was interrupted in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Europa League first leg before Garcia was eventually knocked off the pitch.

The game was billed as the biggest in history for the Spanish Minnows Granada, who only played in the nation’s fourth division in 2006.

The occasion was clearly too big to miss for Garcia, who, according to the local press, has a known penchant for going out in public in his birthday suit.

According to Marca, Garcia is a local businessman who often surprises the public with his Au Naturel displays.

This includes a stunt at a local cemetery several years ago, as well as trips to the mall.

He has reportedly been charged with “obscene exhibition” several times over the years and has been nicknamed “The Naked Man of Granada”.

Garcia apparently declared his predilection for naturism as “a manifestation of his desire for world peace”.

“For me it is a way to claim purity and peace and to show that when you undress you are more honest with everything that surrounds you,” Garcia was quoted as saying in an interview.

It may be a cause for concern for security officials that he managed to give them the slip and take part in a game that was played without fans due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

However, fans and pundits had a great day with Garcia’s antics.

A naked man just ran across the field and rolled over. I didn’t know it was that cold. And he doesn’t use Manscaped, ”joked United reporter Andy Mitten.

Others thought Garcia was completely naked except for a mask, although he only appeared to have a bushy beard on his face and below.

When play resumed, Utd took command with a 2-0 win thanks to a goal from Marcus Rashford in the first half and a late penalty from Portuguese spot-kick specialist Bruno Fernandes.

The second leg will take place next Thursday at Old Trafford.

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