# Roommates, many Americans are living their best lives as their bank accounts confirm they have finally gotten their business started, but America’s homeless seem to be out of luck … until now. Several new reports have confirmed that even though someone is technically homeless, there are still ways to get the same $ 1,400 stimulus payment as anyone else who qualifies.

@ CNN reports that there are three main reasons homeless people may face problems trying to claim their stimulus payments – but the good news is that there are ways to get around them. The first reason is that the majority of the homeless do not file taxes because their annual income is generally too low to be required. The second reason is the obvious problem of not having a secure address to which a payment can be documented and / or sent. Finally, the final reason is that there are currently more stimulus payments available through a prepaid debit card … and you still need a physical address to receive it.

Fortunately, although it may be challenging for the homeless, it may still be possible to receive their stimulus payment. Relief is available in the form of the Get It Back campaign, which specifically supports eligible employees in applying for tax credits and claiming the free tax return. The homeless should also take advantage of BankOn, a Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund project that connects people without a bank account with banks that it says are “safe and affordable.”

Regarding the problem of not having a fixed address to send the payment out to, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a number of options for the IRS to send out stimulus payments, including homeless shelters. Places of worship that contain mail for customers, rented mailboxes, or even or general delivery – a service provided by the USPS that offers a temporary mailing address.

The Get It Back campaign has a number of online / offline resources for displaced persons who want to keep receiving their payments, such as: B. Flyer and more.

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