Anna says she didn’t want to break UK Covid-19 lockdown rules. The 37-year-old survived the pandemic. Anna says she is cleaning an office building in London that is open but almost empty as most of the employees work from home.

It’s a job that the Ecuadorian-born has been doing for the past five years after moving to the UK from Spain in 2013 to look for work. CNN does not disclose Anna’s real name as she fears the impact of her employer.

Anna’s employer insisted she keep cleaning the building during the pandemic, but cut her hours from five a day to four. She makes £ 10.75 ($ 14.77) an hour.

“I was forced to work in a non-essential building,” she told CNN. “There is nobody at work, I am alone.”

Last month Anna caught Covid-19. She’s not sure where she picked it up, but said it was probably “on the bus or on the subway”.

I had a lot of cough, fever, tiredness … and dizziness, “she said.” And me [am taking a long time to recover] because this disease is very painful [and] dreadful.”

After Anna stayed home for a few days as she recovered from the illness, she decided to go to work as she was only receiving partial pay.

According to UK government regulations, patients should self-isolate for at least 10 full days while recovering from Covid-19.

“I just felt tired and [had] Headache “she said.” That’s why I went to work – I couldn’t afford to stay home either because I got very little pay.

I feel guilty that I went to work and infected more people. [but] I had no other choice. “

Self-isolation rule violations are widespread across the UK. According to Dido Harding, who is in charge of the country’s coronavirus test and trace program, up to 20,000 people a day do not stay home when asked to.

Non-compliance is a significant problem for the UK government.

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