On Tuesday, the first woman to file a lawsuit against Watson went public with her identity and personal account of the incident. Ashley Solis, a massage therapist in Houston, also announced that she had filed a criminal complaint with the Houston police, making her the second woman to do so.

Solis told reporters that Watson exposed himself during a massage session and forcibly touched her hand with his erect penis.

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“I keep replaying the incident in my head as if trying to wake up from a terrible nightmare. Only that nightmare was real, ”Solis said, adding that the incident ruined her career and dealt with panic attacks, anxiety and depression.

A second massage therapist, Lauren Baxley, also named her allegations on Tuesday but did not speak at the press conference. In a letter she wrote and read by a lawyer, she called Watson “nothing more than a predator with power”.

Watson has denied the allegations against him. His attorney, Rusty Hardin, released emails Tuesday between representatives from Watson and Solis showing settlement negotiations that preceded their lawsuit.

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The NFL is investigating the allegations against Watson, calling them “deeply worrying” in a statement on Tuesday. The league generally waits for legal proceedings to be completed before announcing any discipline against a player. However, the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy states that if a player is charged with a crime, a violent crime, sexual assault, or conduct that “poses a real threat to the safety or wellbeing of another person”, the NFL can receive paid vacation. . Commissioner Roger Goodell may also put a player on paid leave if, following an investigation, he believes a player may have violated the policy or if a violent crime is alleged “but further investigation is required”.

Watson, 25, is one of the NFL’s top young quarterbacks and has been named three Pro Bowls. He had an advertising relationship with Nike before the Texans picked him with the 12th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Before the allegations surfaced, he had asked the Texans to act on him. In September, he signed a four-year contract extension for $ 160 million with Houston.