K Michelle is an open book when it comes to educating her fans about the dangers of illegal butt injections. The singer shared on Instagram how she would have reconstructive surgery. Since 2018, K Michelle has had more than four surgeries to remove silicon after receiving illegal butt injections years ago. K Michelle explained that she went through the black market to get “hydrogel injections.” The procedures can be associated with several negative side effects, including pain, infection, bleeding, numbness, and fat necrosis.

The road to health has been long for the singer and she has brought fans up to date from all angles. She has shared the illness that came with the surgery, which resulted in her having trouble walking and affecting her ability to perform live. K didn’t stop there, she even went so far as to show the dents and scars left by removing the silicone. In 2019, she first mentioned that she was working on an upcoming show with Lifetime Network.

In her Instagram post, which she shared today, she warned, “Ladies, I don’t care who tells you what isn’t messing with your body. Injections are illegal for a reason. “She went on to say that she is still in the process of producing her show to tell women the truth about plastic surgery. She also thanked her surgeon, Dr. Carlos Gomez from the heart. No date has been announced that the show will air but we will keep you updated, roommate!

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