A college season so close to the June Olympics presented Huske with a difficult balance. While she continued to focus on the summer, coach Torey Ortmayer felt she wanted to “do something memorable”.

And yet: “It wasn’t the be-all and end-all,” said Huske. “… I rested for this meeting, but I haven’t completely rejuvenated.”

The result: she was strong enough to break her own records and still could have a different gear.

In a condensed meeting, Huske broke both records within half an hour. Her performance also brought Yorktown to Class 6: Huske swam the first leg in the Patriots’ 200-yard and 400-yard freestyle seasons.

Huske was the first high school swimmer to complete the 100 yard butterfly in less than 50 seconds, a brand she has been looking for for more than a year. She won 4.47 seconds ahead of Colgan’s Aris Runnels, an absurd head start for a 50-second race, and now has four titles in a row.

“The thing with her,” said Ortmayer, “is that she is able to break state records almost every night she is in such a championship meeting.”

Second year Battlefield, Camille Spink, also continued a dominant high school career. She won the 100-yard freestyle with a state record of 48.93 and gold in the 50-yard freestyle at 22.55. She has already qualified for the Olympic tests in 100 Freestyle.

When Spink got into the pool for the final leg of the 200-yard medley relay, Battlefield finished fourth. After swimming a 21.74 second split, her team won by 2.23 seconds. Battlefield finished second in the meeting, followed by Madison, the four-time reigning national champion.

In the boys’ category, Anthony Grimm won the 50-yard freestyle at 7:69 p.m. and the 100-yard breaststroke at 53.84 p.m., just breaking his national record of 53.86. He also helped Oakton win two seasons.

Ocean Lakes won the boys’ meeting against Woodson, whose junior Aiken Do finished second in the 50-yard freestyle and first in the 100-yard race.