According to an FBI spokeswoman, a New Mexico man wanted for his role in the January 6 riot was arrested blocks from the US Capitol on Sunday.

The US Capitol Police arrested Couy Griffin on block 400 on North Capitol Street NW and later reportedly notified the FBI.

He is accused of entering a restricted area of ​​the Capitol Complex. It wasn’t immediately clear who he’d kept as his lawyer.

U.S. Capitol Police officers first approached Griffin after running his license plate and discovering that a police officer said he had a pending warrant for his arrest.

Griffin, a county commissioner in Otero County, New Mexico, spoke at a public commissioner meeting Thursday about his presence at the Capitol riot and told colleagues that he was chairing a prayer session from a restricted deck of the Capitol building .

He also announced at the meeting that he would be returning to Washington before the inauguration this week and putting his guns in his car.

“I will be returning to Washington DC, I will be there on January 20th,” he said according to the video of the comments posted online. “I will stand up for our country and for our freedoms because this election was fraudulent on all levels.”

In an affidavit, a DC Metropolitan Police Department detective quoted Griffin’s remarks from the meeting and video footage held on the platform during the riot, including one he himself posted on Facebook saying he was “on the one up in the Capitol and … had a front row seat. ”

The detective also identifies Griffin as the founder of a group called “Cowboys for Trump”.

A colleague of Griffin’s, who was with him during the chaos, told authorities they spent about an hour and a half on deck preaching to a large crowd, according to the court document.

In an interview with FBI agents earlier this month, Griffin said he was “trapped” in the crowd as they pushed their way through the barricades into a limited area of ​​the complex, the affidavit said.

Griffin told the FBI that he would return to a rally on inauguration day that he hoped would be “non-violent”.