The November election area code surpassed all of the early voting papers for 2016, and there is more than a week left to election day.

According to a poll by CNN, Edison Research, and Catalist of electoral officials in all 50 states and Washington, DC, more than 58.7 million Americans have voted to date.

In 2016, around 58.3 million ballots were cast before the elections, according to a CNN analysis, including ballots in the three states that were voted via email. This early voting represented approximately 42% of all votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

Pre-election day voting is skyrocketing across the country amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and states are reporting record-breaking voter turnouts as voters are encouraged to vote by mail before November or early in person.

Detailed information on voters comes from Catalist, a company that empowers Democrats, academics, and nonprofits who advocate for questions, provide data, analytics, and other services, and provide insight into who is voting before November.

Fifty-four percent of these 58.7 million votes The already-filled cycle comes from CNN’s 16 most competitive states that will play a crucial role in deciding who will win the presidency this year.

Among these states, Minnesota currently has the largest percentage increase in voter turnout compared to the previous cycle in 14 key states, according to Catalan data from both years.

With increasing age, younger voters (18 to 29 years of age) also cast significantly more ballots and account for a larger proportion of the votes before election day than around the same time four years ago in all key states with available information.

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