TSR Policy: President Joe Biden continues to reverse the effects of the Trump era by taking vital steps to correct the consequences of Trump’s immigration policies.

This includes setting up a task force to reunite families who have been separated on the U.S.-Mexico border, according to CNN. Biden has just signed three executive orders These build on the measures he took in his early days in office and provide a clearer picture of his government’s immigration priorities.

“I’m not making a new law, I’m eliminating bad politics,” Biden said in the White House. “This is about how America will be safer, stronger and more successful when we have a fair, orderly and humane legal immigration system.”

But just so you know, the orders signed on Tuesday have largely direct reviews of current policies and, with the exception of the task force, have no immediate impact.

Alida Garcia, vice president of advocacy at FWD.us, told CNN she was thrilled with the announcements on Tuesday but noted that there is also “frustration over the urgency for service providers to have clarity in their ability to reach people in life or in Death to advise situations. “

“We hope to hear more tough logistics soon,” added Garcia.

Hours after his presidency, Biden attempted to quickly reverse many of the Trump administration’s policies in a series of executive actions and sent an immigration bill to Congress. However, its administration already faced legal hurdles in implementing these guidelines.

For example, last week a federal judge temporarily blocked Biden’s 100-day deportation break.

But as for the task force, Biden seems to be sticking to his word. During his presidential campaign, Biden promised to set up a task force focused on identifying and reuniting families separated on the U.S.-Mexico border as part of the Trump administration’s controversial zero-tolerance policy.

The task force is led by the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and works with partners across the US government to find parents who are separated from their children. Each case is examined individually to determine the next steps.

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