Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie! Today it took Rolling Ray a few moments to share a great achievement! For the past few weeks, Ray has posted on Instagram how his dissertation record “BigPurrrr”, aimed at Coi Leray, was released on iTunes. The fans downloaded the song heavily and the song rose to the top of the charts. Ray announced that his song has finally made it to the top 50 songs on iTunes! The song happens to be two digits higher than Coi’s song ‘Big Purr’ with Pooh Shiesty, which recently caused a beef between the two.

Ray shared a video with him of the song on the cover, titled “Top 50, But We’re Not Number 50”. I love you all like s ** ttttttt. Shortly thereafter, Coi apparently responded to Ray by sharing a tweet, “I have an amazing lawyer, let’s play.” Fans immediately thought this was about Ray’s song. Ray took it straight to Coi and replied, “Well, tell them to bring me some coffee when we sit down at the table.”

Coi didn’t respond to Ray’s tweet and she seems pretty undisturbed for sharing social media photos and videos of her and Pooh Shiesty during the ‘Big Purr’ video shoot.

Coi has been promoting the single heavily and she definitely comes with the heat with her looks for the visual. Coi didn’t toy with her knotless braids with curly ends while wearing a one-piece mesh leather! Even rapper Malibu Mitch showed her some love in the comments telling her she was going to kill everything.

We have all heard the phrase “there is no such thing as bad advertising,” and in this case it can be very true. With the attention of Ray’s song his fans continued to stream and he announced that the song climbed to number 38 on the charts.

Roomies, which version of the song do you like better? Coi or Ray?

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