Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of caring more about maintaining his good looks than defending the Juventus goal when the Portuguese star made a weak attempt to block the ball as he came up against Parma in the wall.

Juventus were left behind after 25 minutes of their Serie A clash with Parma on Wednesday night following a free kick from Uruguayan midfielder Gaston Brugman from the edge of the box.

It was a side-foot finish in the bottom corner that rooted Juve’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon on the spot, but questions about Ronaldo’s defensive stance in the wall were immediately asked when the ball swooped over his head.

Instead of jumping up with his teammates to block the strike, Ronaldo stayed on the ground, covering his face with both arms and gently dangling one leg in front of him.

Then he turned and watched the ball fly into the lower corner before trudging back to the center circle.

The moment was greeted with glee on social media, with many joking that Ronaldo was more concerned about protecting his Hollywood appearance than he was about completing his defensive duties.

“I’m serious, is this man afraid of the ball?” reprimanded a Lionel Messi fan.

“Afraid of hurting his pretty face,” replied another.

I’m serious, is this man afraid of the ball?

– Messi @ (@ Marlon73592112) April 21, 2021

Holy to have hurt his pretty face

– St3ve_Oh (@ StevenAnthony9) April 21, 2021

His name is Portuguese Angelina Jolie for a reason … man thought of keeping that face flawless for girls instead of sacrificing everything for the game … and he can’t even jump … i said they said he could in Jump back into space n😂 … clownado! 🤡🥴

– Apt! (@ apt_11x) April 21, 2021

Ronaldo usually has no problem using his head at the other end of the field, but some observers noted that it wasn’t the first time Ronaldo was guilty in defensive situations, with a similar opportunity in the Juve Champions League return leg against Postage.

On that occasion, the ball had gone into the corner through Ronaldo’s legs when Juve were thrown on away goals in a tie.

did the same against Porto, Juve’s fault for sticking with him at this point

– Slimon (@ Simonj63) April 21, 2021

Ronaldo’s legion of fans also mobilized in his defense, claiming there was an “agenda” against her husband.

Others pointed out that Ronaldo’s constant rival, Messi, isn’t usually even up against the wall because of his size.

So what’s bad here? Messi can’t even build a wall because of his size. It would be easy goals for the opponents if they had a free kick

– Mr. Akpom Abraham🤴❄ (@leo_akpomemike) April 21, 2021

Fortunately, Ronaldo’s blush was spared on Wednesday when Juventus came back 3-1 after a double from Alex Sandro and a header from Dutch defender Matthijs de Ligt.

However, Ronaldo endured a frustrating night, failed to top his record of 25 Serie A goals this season, and landed a late yellow card for what looked like dissent.

When asked if Ronaldo should stay in the wall after his last mistake, Juventus boss Andrea Pirlo said: “Unfortunately these things are happening, but we will evaluate them in the next few days.”

The win for the Bianconeri keeps them competing for the top four as they moved up to third place, one point ahead of Atalanta in fourth and five ahead of Napoli in fifth, despite both teams in a game against the Turin giants have at hand.

At the top of Serie A, Inter Milan were close to the end of Juve’s nine-year tenure as Italian champions when Antonio Conte’s men drew 1-1 in Spezia. Inter are now 10 points ahead of local rivals AC Milan, who have 66 points and suffered a 2-1 home defeat against Sassuolo in San Siro on Wednesday evening.

Seeing Juve from the stands on Wednesday was club president Andrea Agnelli, one of the key figures behind the doomed European Super League that has dominated the headlines for the past few days.

Agnelli admitted defeat in the runaway project on Wednesday and admitted it couldn’t go on after a large number of teams, including six English contestants, pulled out of the backlash.

“I remain convinced of the beauty of this project, of the value it would have created for the pyramid, of creating the best competition in the world,” said Agnelli [it cannot proceed]. I don’t think the project is still going now. ”

Real Madrid president and Super League chairman Florentino Perez said the project is “on standby” as it seeks to limit the aftermath of the unfortunate project that passed away less than three days after its controversial start on Sunday.

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