After Russian MMA heavyweight Magomed Ismailov overcame a major weight disadvantage for compatriot Alexander Emelianenko in a one-sided fight in July, he urged his victim to end his long post-fight silence for good.

Veteran Emelianenko was so prolific that he posted a clip from his locker room before the fight before the pair clashed at the Absolute Championship Akhmat (AKA) on July 24 for 107 months.

The solitary glimpse of the three-time Russian National Combat Sambo on his platform since his defeat, dubbed “David vs Goliath” because of its weight advantage of nearly 50 pounds, was sponsorship confirmation in mid-August.

Now Ismailov has announced to Emelianenko, who has had a number of high profile personal problems throughout his career, that he wants his wellbeing refreshed as the bloody knockout turns into MMA history in the third round.

The man, who rose from middleweight division for the Sochi showdown, initially playfully referred to Emelianenko’s jibe before the fight over his lack of hair on social media.

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“Whatever happens between us, it’s almost impossible to cope with the desire to stroke my bald head,” he noted, sharing a photo of the couple with Emelianenko putting his hand on his head.

“If I don’t find out Sasha in the near future [Emelianenko] I’m fine, I have to take matters into my own hands.

“I don’t know what will become of this, but if I become the cause of the fall, I am ready to become the cause of the rise.

“In fact, I hope to find out that everything is fine there and that it’s not me at all.”

Known as “The Grim Reaper,” Emelianenko had threatened to “wipe out” Ismailov in battle, only to suffer a broken nose and end up in hospital after a bloody whipping.

The highly experienced 39-year-old had claimed that after his defeat “it was all over and this will pass,” and Ismailov said that his opponent wanted a rematch, which he would grant him.

Ismailov may be particularly concerned about Emelianenko’s troubled past, which includes various prison terms.

Fans praised the generosity of spirit shown by Ismailov, who has been in an unbeaten streak of eleven fights for the past eleven and a half years.

“I chose Sasha because I didn’t believe it at all [you] would win, “admitted one.

“This created some kind of disappointment and anger towards Magomed, but then he makes you love and respect him.

“It always happens – the new hero annoys you first and then you start to love him. This is our role as fans.”

Ismailov had hinted that winning would mean the end of his own career.

“I don’t like the fact that the referee didn’t stop the fight in the first round,” he added at the time. “It seemed to me that it was time to stop it.”

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