If you need more evidence that MMA fighters are built differently, consider evidence from EFC star Uzair Abdurakov, who smiled in the cage after a thunderous kick that shattered his leg in the cage.

Aspiring 25-year-old fighter Abdurakov set his unbeaten record in the battle for Eagle FC 35 in Moscow on Tuesday against another rising star of the Russian MMA scene, Mehdi Dakaev, in the most recent event on the former UFC’s Eagle Fighting Championship promotion -Champions Khabib Nurmagomedov.

And while the fight didn’t go exactly as Abdurakov had planned, he invited a wave of new followers online after showing the kind of grit and determination (not to mention a poker face) for his reaction after showing up afterward the broken left leg had received a thunderous kick from Dakaev during the fight.

The clip shows Abdurakov, battling for the EFC lightweight title, immediately flinching to the blow before switching to the south paw stance to protect his leg from further damage before smiling at the advancing Dakaev.

“At the beginning of the third round he struck a low kick, I joked that I was in no pain. At that moment he broke my leg,” explained Abdurakov, who ultimately continued but lost the fight by decision.

He later confirmed the injury was a “fracture of the fibula with displacement” and said he would need further surgery after which he was only expected to be out of service for six weeks.

He also summarized his thoughts on Instagram and said via translation: “In the face of difficulties, you can’t give up, run.”

“You have to assess the situation, find a solution and believe that everything is going for the best. I am ready to go all the way while my heart is beating.

“In this fight I had to deviate from my plan and improvise along the way.”

Mehdi Dakaev def. Uzair Abdurakov by unanimous decision and still Eagle FC LW champion. Really good title fight in Russia. No end to Abdurakov who has dealt with a severely impaired leg in the last few laps. # EFC35pic.twitter.com/d8WM5e0I62

– caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) April 6, 2021

“No termination in Abdurakov who has dealt with a high-risk leg in the last few rounds,” wrote a prominent MMA Twitter report of the action as others gathered to offer support to the fighter – one of them – during his recovery many undoubtedly were impressed by its toughness.

Dakaev looked formidable in combat and is speculated by some as a major addition to the UFC one day – and by another from the ever-expanding assembly line of fighters making waves in North American mixed martial arts from the sphere of influence of the sport’s greatest star, Khabib Nurmagomedov .