Tennis legend Maria Sharapova took her life beyond tennis by revealing that she created her own range of quality furniture at the end of a week of “emotional” praising health workers.

The five-time Grand Slam champion regularly pampers her millions of fans with glimpses of her architectural and artistic passions – and now she’s delivered a glossy video of herself based on some of her first drafts.

The 33-year-old went on Instagram and said she was “up close” with the work, which has received an avalanche of positive reactions from fans and design professionals.

“I’m a professional at caressing the couch,” she added a little seductively, describing her collection as “extremely comfortable”, “minimal” and with “beautiful textures”.

“What started as a design workshop when I was training in Italy has now become an indispensable living room,” she said, regretting that everyone had gotten to know “the inside of their homes lately” all too well.

In another reference to the pandemic earlier this week, Sharapova said she was “grateful” and “emotional” to the medical professionals.

“Thank you to all the health care workers who have worked so quickly and bravely to protect us,” she wrote on Twitter, accompanying her words with a photo of herself wearing a face mask.

Thank you to all of the healthcare workers who worked so quickly and boldly to keep us safe. Grateful. And emotional 😭

– Maria Sharapova (@MariaSharapova) March 24, 2021

The uploads follow a seminar last weekend in which Sharapova spoke about her approach to business.

“It’s so important to be patient because every hardworking step you take, every smart step you take may not pay off tomorrow,” she said, reflecting on her partnership with a health and beauty brand.

“You have to take a lot of risks to see rewards. You have to invest time and energy in people.”

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