UFC winner Alexander Volkov has revealed how overwhelming opponent Alistair Overeem struggled to breathe during their bloody defeat to the Russians on Saturday and absorbed dozens of blows to the head in a fight that left both men hospitalized.

“The Demolition Man” sank to the ground after receiving more than one round of painful punishment from the hard-hitting Volkov at UFC Vegas 18 when the Moscow-based powerhouse realized he tried to swallow air when he was in the Octagon.

Volkov admitted that he had been “shocked” by Overeem’s first attack, adding that the timely early attack had not “shaken” or intimidated his mind when he requested a brutal response.

“In the end it turned out [that I was able to] Smash his face so that he suffocates on blood, “said Volkov to Sport24, thinking about his shuddering knockout win.

“I don’t know if that is in the video, but I got the feeling that he was constantly trying to sniff either his nose or something else.

“I heard he found it hard to breathe. I remember punching him hard and wondering how he was standing on his feet.

“In the second round, when he took a large number of punches, it’s hard to say he was out of shape.

“Take a person and hit them on the head with 20 or 30 blows. I think everyone would be out of shape after that.

“If you look at his training camp, he brought a lot of people like me with him: six feet tall and striking [hard]. He studied me seriously.

“It’s just that Alistair didn’t calculate that I would hit my hands so hard and sharp and break his defense.

“In fact, it was difficult for me from the start of the first lap. I even doubted myself.

“In my opinion he came out in good shape and waited for my mistake. I almost got it wrong several times.”

Volkov is hoping for a title shot after the impressive win, which the 40-year-old Overeem praised in a statement after his tactic ultimately failed.

“I was a little at a loss as it was not possible to implement the plan from the start,” admitted Volkov.

“I wanted to work more with my legs on my body, on my head, but he studied me well and successfully blocked all my attempts.

“I understand that the less I give him the chance to move and think, the easier it is. That’s why I tried to keep throwing punches. This led to the result.”

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The 32-year-old shared a photo from the hospital after the fight to prove he hadn’t broken a leg.

“Thank you all for your congratulations,” he said to his fans. “I will not be able to answer all of your messages.

“I got to the hospital after the fight. I’m fine, I just split my leg a little. I’m in perfect shape, happy with the win, happy with how the fight went.”

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