Saweetie just hired a brand new project, Roomies, and has been very open about how her creative process contributes to the success of her music. She recently spoke to several publications about ‘Pretty Summer Playlist: 1’ and talked about her use of popular hits as samples.

While speaking with Harpers Bazaar, Saweetie was asked how she felt about people who claim they didn’t have original sound and she said samples are exactly what she does and she does them well! Many of Saweetie’s biggest hits – “Icy Girl,” “Tap In” and “My Type” – sampled songs from the early 2000s and she said she had no intention of stopping there.

“I’ll try for the rest of my life. It’s my specialty, ”she said. “Tons of people try, but my samples are just the most recognized. I think size makes people uncomfortable. and i think people try to make excuses not to like me and feel better about their life. “

Similarly, Saweetie spoke to USA Today, stating that she only gets hating her samples because of her poppin!

“I know I get a lot of criticism, but I feel like it’s only because I’m doing really well when I put out my favorite songs,” Saweetie said. “When ‘Pretty B * tch Music’ comes out, I’ll have some original beats that I love to share because I have a feeling it’s not just going to be ‘Oh, Saweetie makes great sample songs,’ but also ‘You makes great songs, period. “

Have you checked out Saweetie’s new music Roomies?

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