Suspect Sean Lannon is accused of beating Michael Dabkowski to death with a hammer along with robbery and burglary at the victim’s home in East Greenwich Township, New Jersey. Lannon was arrested as a refugee in Missouri earlier this month.

Gloucester County Prosecutor Alec Gutierrez told the court during a hearing on a possible cause that Lannon admitted Dabkowski and 15 people killed in New Mexico, including his estranged wife, Jennifer, during a police questioning after reading his rights to have.

“In that Mirandized statement, the defendant admitted the New Mexico cases that would be murders in New Mexico,” Gutierrez said. “He admitted to dismembering some of the people involved in these murders. He admitted his efforts to hide evidence in these murders, and I admitted I killed a total of 16 people.”

Albuquerque Police Department previously admitted that they would interrogate Lannon in connection with four dismembered bodies found on March 5 on the property of a local airport – one of which was Jennifer Lannon – but no charges were brought in this case.

On Friday evening, police spokesman Gilbert Gallegos told CNN: “The Albuquerque Police Department is focused on the investigation into the death of Randal Apostalon, who was believed to have been killed in Albuquerque. Our detectives are following and will be following several leads.” Conducting additional interviews and search warrants. ”

Police in Lannon’s hometown of Grants, New Mexico, are investigating the deaths of the other three known victims, but have also not filed charges.

Lannon attended Friday’s trial from a distance but did not testify and was not asked to make a plea.

His public defense attorney Frank Unger declined to include information about the New Mexico confessions at the hearing, but did not deny that Lannon made the statements. Unger argued that there could be a self-defense claim in Dabowski’s murder in New Jersey when Lannon told police he had been a victim of sexual abuse by Dabkowski for years. Lannon said the hammer that Dabkowski was killed with belonged to the victim and Dabkowski attacked first.

Judge Mary Beth Kramer said the nature of Lannon’s charges and the fact that he was arrested as a fugitive made him a serious aviation hazard. “I think he’s a threat to the community,” said Kramer, ordering Lannon to be detained without bail.