Two types of problem solving faced each other on Friday evening. ABC’s business challenge, Shark Tank, emerged victorious in the demos, while CBS’s crime drama cast’s season debut won the largest overall audience that night.

Perennial Friday champ Shark Tank drove 0.6 in 18-49 demos and 3.88 million viewers. This put the CBS competition MacGyver, which scored 0.5 points in demos, under pressure with a solid total audience of 4.77 million people.

ABC’s 20/20 had a .5 to beat its Newsmag competitor Dateline on NBC, which had a .4 after a lead-in replay of The Voice.

Tying MacGyver was Fox’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown with 0.5 demos.

For CBS, the subsequent Magnum PI had total audiences of 0.5 and 5.38 million, while Blue Bloods also had total audience of 0.5 and 6.25 million. However, it was the lowest season premiere for the Blue Bloods series.

The CW dedicated its evening to the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade with a 0.1.