Roommate, it seems that there was a bizarre encounter between two people that resulted in a poor puppy being thrown at a stranger. In a video uploaded by an artist using the stage name Mulaflare, the video shows a minute of a woman verbally assaulting him. If you haven’t seen the viral video yet, check out the full clip of the pup below:

As you can see in the clip, the poor puppy got up and ran to the stranger when he was crying. As of now, there is no word on why the woman confronted him or why she ultimately gave birth to the pup. Needless to say, people on all social media don’t care why she did it, they want justice on social media! People have already started calling the woman with questions about the puppy’s safety. Fortunately, the young man renamed the puppy Movieflare and has since created a brand new Instagram account for her:

Here’s another look at the puppy in a safer place:

We have contacted the young man but have not yet received any additional information. As of now, social media detectives are still looking for information from the woman or additional information that can help the public find her. We will keep you posted on this situation, Roomies!

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