Steer through the Suez Canal

Navigating the Suez Canal is a stressful and complicated task that requires master skills in the pilot. To demonstrate this, we worked with Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta to create this simulated passage.

Try to traverse one of the busiest nautical roads in the world.


Note: This is a non-scientifically simplified interactive experience and is intended for illustrative purposes only. There are many factors that were not considered including, but not limited to: the water depth; Close to the banks; Interaction with passing ships; the turning circle; Availability of tugs and other weather conditions such as visibility. We have also reduced the time it takes to maneuver a ship of this size. Master Mariner Andy Winbow and Captain Yash Gupta were advisors.

Graphics: Sarah-Grace Mankarious, Marco Chacón, CNN
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