A view of the container ship “Ever-Given”, which on March 29th was obstructed in traffic on the Egyptian waterway Suez Canal. Ahmed Hasan / AFP / Getty Images

Authorities have temporarily suspended efforts to free the front of the container ship Ever Given as the window for the flood has faded on Monday afternoon, Egyptian local media said.

A live recording in state media showed tugs pulling the ship to free the front or bow, which according to the description of the CEO of a salvage company working to free the ship, Peter Berdowski, is still “rock hard” plugged.

Efforts to pull the ship out will resume later in the day, a reporter said on a local media newscast.

Despite the delay in fully relocating the ship, the Egyptian president issued a statement on Monday saying: “The Egyptians have successfully managed to end the crisis of the stranded ship.”

“[Egyptians] were able to get things going again, ”he said in a presidential statement on Facebook.

Dozens of ships attempting to sail through the Suez Canal are instead diverting to the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, adding 8 days to sailing time and consuming about 500 tons of fuel, Lloyds List Intelligence said.

However, more than 350 ships carrying billions of dollars of cargo are still waiting to transit through the canal.

It could take days for the lagging ships to successfully cross, but the Suez Canal Authority chief said in an interview with Sky News Arabia that “they will work 24 hours a day” to allow the ships to pass.

According to Lloyds List, the maximum daily transits through the Suez Canal in the last three months averaged 80 to 90 ships.