Roommates Taina Williams and G Herbo are counting down the days until they became parents of their first child together – but before their new bundle of joy arrives, the couple decided to take a violent pose on a new magazine cover. Taina Williams and G Herbo posed for the cover of ‘Alpha Magazines’ and it looks like the couple look more in love than ever.

Taina and G Herbo recorded the imminent arrival of their first child with their fans thanks to photos and videos on social media, but to give their fans an even deeper insight into Taina’s baby bump and love story, the two posed for Alpha Magazine. ” The photos show G Herbo’s kisses kissing Taina and the couple caressing her baby bump.

Earlier this week, G Herbo interviewed the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast and went into detail about how he knew Taina was the one to spend his life with.

“I’m not going to lie to be honest, I have a feeling that opposites attract each other in a way. I’m not real – she’s just pure, through and through. Do you know what i’m saying She’s not afraid to like, express her feelings, tell me how she feels about things. Even if it is, I don’t understand it all the time, she will tell me something where I feel like she likes a little and I break up a little. But it really isn’t, she’s telling me something that really uplifts me. She really makes me feel like a man, how complete. I feel good when I’m in the crib. She takes care of the home. If I didn’t have a girl, brother, I’d be living really crazy. I probably wouldn’t have any furniture in my cot. “

As we’ve reported earlier, G Herbo accidentally revealed on Instagram earlier this month that he and Taina were expecting a baby boy.

He said jokingly, “I’m not going to lie once we’re in the delivery room, as soon as he comes out, Imma hits him.” Taina reacted quickly to that, not that you gave my gender here. “Apparently G Herbo didn’t know what he was saying – but all of his IG supporters heard him loud and clear.

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