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Media signatureDr. Sean Conley confirmed that President Trump received supplemental oxygen on Friday morning

US President Donald Trump has further improved after his Covid-19 diagnosis and could be discharged from the hospital on Monday, his doctors say.

Dr. Sean Conley said Mr Trump’s oxygen levels had dropped twice since his diagnosis and he started on a steroid called dexamethasone.

The president was given supplemental oxygen at least once, said Dr. Conley.

Doctors also tried to clear up previous confusion caused by conflicting statements about Mr. Trump’s condition.

The president’s Covid-19 diagnosis, released in a tweet earlier on Friday, has turned his campaign on its head. Mr Trump will face Democratic challenger Joe Biden on November 3rd.

In a four-minute video posted on Twitter Saturday night, the president – dressed in a suit jacket and shirt without a tie – said he was “feeling much better now” and that the next few days would be the “real test”.

A number of people around the president have tested positive, including First Lady Melania Trump. Many of them attended a crowded White House event last weekend that saw Amy Coney Barrett named Supreme Court Justice. It is checked as a possible “super spreader event”.

What else did the doctors say?

Speaking at a press conference at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center near Washington DC, Dr. Conley, Mr Trump’s oxygen levels have dropped twice since he tested positive.

The first episode happened on Friday morning at the White House when the President had a high fever and his oxygen level was below 94% – the value of a healthy person is 95% or higher.

The president was given supplemental oxygen “for about an hour,” the doctor said, and was flown to Walter Reed that evening. The news was already widespread in the U.S. media, and Dr. Conley’s confirmation came after he refused to answer several questions on the matter during Saturday’s briefing.

The second episode happened on Saturday when the level fell below 93%. When asked, Dr. Conley did not ask whether the president had received oxygen but added that “it was very limited” if it had happened.

The team said Dr. Conley, decided to give Mr. Trump dexamethasone, which has been shown in studies to improve survival for hospitalized patients with severe Covid-19.

Steroids soothe inflammation and the immune system and are already used for conditions such as arthritis and asthma, as well as some serious infections. The drugs are not believed to be helpful in the early stages of coronavirus infection.

“Given the timeline where [Mr Trump] As the disease progresses, we try to maximize everything we can do for him. We have determined that in this case, the potential benefits at the beginning of the course likely outweigh the risks at that point, “said Dr. Conley.

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Media signature“We’ll see what happens in the next few days,” said President Trump

Dr. Conley also addressed a conflicting report on the President’s health given by the White House Chief of Staff shortly after his briefing on Saturday. Mark Meadows said Mr. Trump’s vital signs had been “very worrying” for the past 24 hours and that the next 48 hours would be critical.

“I think his statement was misinterpreted,” said the doctor.

However, he admitted that the day before he had given an overly optimistic description of Mr Trump’s condition: “I did not want to give any information that could steer the course of the disease in any other direction. And that’s when, you know, we tried to hide something that wasn’t necessarily true. “

The 74-year-old president, a man and someone classified as obese, belongs to a higher risk category for Covid-19. On Friday, he received an experimental drug cocktail injection and began a five-day antiviral drug course remdesivir.

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Media signaturePresident Trump is seven days before his Covid-positive test

Dr. Brian Garibaldi, who is also part of the team handling the president, said, “He’s feeling good, he’s been up and down and our plan for today is for him to eat and drink and get up as much as possible to be mobile.”

Doctors said the president hadn’t had a fever since Friday and that his liver and kidney functions remained normal. Dr. However, Conley refused to answer questions about whether lung scans showed damage.

Devoted supporters

By Lebo Diseko in front of the Walter Reed Hospital

Across the street from the hospital, Donald Trump’s supporters play music from a loudspeaker. “Everyone says: ‘Trump, Trump, Trump, Donald J. Trump, make America great again'” is the refrain of the latest song. Trump supporters are in high spirits – they even offer the waiting journalists coffee over the loudspeaker.

Some of the assembled Trump fans have camped here overnight as temperatures drop in DC.

A married couple of seniors arrived before the first light. Ann Wass told me that they love Donald Trump. Her husband James says they don’t believe the president’s actions contributed to his illness. “He got sick because the virus is contagious. We have to live our lives and not live in a box,” he says.

There is also quite a honking of the horns when other supporters drive by. Donald Trump previously tweeted to thank his supporters. Those gathered here told me they saw his tweet and they appreciate him like the president.

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Trump supporters believe in him and want everyone to know

Who else around the president has tested positive?

Aside from the President and First Lady, it has now been confirmed that at least six other people who attended the Rose Garden event for Amy Coney Barrett have the virus.

Other people who have tested positive for Mr Trump include close aide Hope Hicks – believed to be the first to show symptoms – campaign manager Bill Stepien and former White House aide Kellyanne Conway.

Nicholas Luna, the last person to test positive, is a personal assistant or “body man” to the President. He is in constant contact with Mr. Trump and takes care of his papers.

What about the political situation?

The president’s campaign team said Saturday it would move “at full speed” until Mr Trump could return to campaign. It calls on the top “surrogate mothers”, including Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and Vice President Mike Pence, to “push” the campaign for the time being.

In the meantime, Mr Pence is due to discuss the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, on Wednesday.

Joe Biden, who has continued his campaign, had no plans for personal events or public appearances. He stopped negative advertising for the president, saying on Saturday the president’s response to the pandemic was “incomprehensible”.