Roommate, earlier this week we announced our brand new collaboration with Facebook Watch for the “The Shady Brunch” cooking contest series. In the premiere of the series, which combines a healthy mix of food, fun and shade, we introduce two chefs from different sides of the country and put their skills to the test.

To give you a taste of what to expect from The Shady Brunch, we started episode one with a bang by bringing it back to the college days. If you remember how creative you had to be in college in the kitchen to make meals that last and taste great all week, then you will definitely enjoy this.

Two chefs, Chef Red Beard (from the east coast) and Chef Kev (from the west coast) showcase their world-class culinary skills and see what they can do to make a back to college themed fire for the ultimate brunch Cook-off.

The winner will advance to the semi-finals to compete for the very first Shady Brunch Championship!

You can watch “The Shady Brunch” every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. PST to find out who’s ahead of the game as King or Queen of “The Shady Brunch” … oh, and bring your virtual appetite too!

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