Roommate, Tyra Banks sets the record clear and officially closes rumors that she has banned all Real Housewives from participating in Dancing With The Stars. Tyra’s answer comes shortly after NeNe Leakes publicly called her and said that she was surprised by Tyra’s demeanor during the casting.

While speaking of “Extra” with Rachel Lindsay, Tyra Banks proved that a little online gossip doesn’t stop her from enjoying her new job on “Dancing With The Stars”. She simply said, “I think a lot of people don’t like change” when referring to how she received backlash as the show’s new host. However, it was her comments to NeNe Leakes and other “housewives” that really got their message across.

When Lindsay asked Tyra about the rumors that she had banned “Real Housewives” stars from competing on the show. She said, “I have nothing to do with casting on this show. Like nothing. Again, I think that’s hate. I’m a businessman – come on! What [is] some of the top rated TV? It’s “housewives”. I want that on this show. I know what prices. I’ve created some of the greatest television programs in reality television history. “

Tyra also provided some evidence of how good the ratings are this season, saying, “The ratings are so big. I get the numbers. I am a businessman. It is unprecedented how many people come to the show. “

So far NeNe has not responded to Tyra ending the rumors, but be sure to stay tuned!

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