Georgian UFC star Merab Dvalishvili has shown that his sense of humor remained intact after returning to “fight” the frozen lake again, resulting in a nasty head injury and a trip to the emergency room earlier this week.

Dvalishvili caused a stir online when he posted a video on Instagram attempting to dive into what he thought was a snow-covered lake – but a disgusting bang and some gnarled head injuries later, he quickly discovered the lake had frozen over since the last Once he was there.

The 30-year-old, who is the twelfth fighter in the UFC bantamweight division, felt clearly uncomfortable after the unfortunate dive and quickly emerged from the lake while holding his head while blood dripped down his forearms.

In a separate post, Dvalishvili assured fans that he was largely uninjured and that the most painful part of the whole incident occurred in the emergency room, where doctors used braces to contain the bleeding.

As is the mark of a fighter worth his salt, Dvalishvili would not let the frozen waters get the most out of him – and he returned for the second round, this time with a boxing head guard and some gloves to show off his Sub-zero enemy that it takes a lot more than a couple of nasty cuts and light concussions to keep him down.

“Hey guys, I hope you are all fine,” he announced on Instagram. “So I made this mistake yesterday – I jumped into the ice water.

“I shouldn’t have jumped, but the day before it wasn’t freezing, it was just snow.

“There was a lot of snow the night before and I thought I was jumping in the snow. I’m making a mistake.

“Hopefully everyone had fun, everyone laughed. So this video is just for fun – I hope you enjoy it.”

Aside from ease, Dvalishvili can count his lucky stars that the injuries he suffered weren’t more serious.

Had he hit the thick layer of ice, he would have fallen unconscious into the water – and since he was alone and filmed himself with his own phone, there would have been no one to alert the authorities to his situation.

Dvalishvili, who has won five straight bouts in the UFC to be on the verge of the title fight with 135 pounds, was due to face the dangerous Cody Stamann at the UFC event in Las Vegas on Saturday but had to retire due to effects from the fight withdraw associated with a positive coronavirus diagnosis.

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