Khamzat Chimaev may be classified as the deadly weapon in the octagon, but the aspiring UFC star has once again shown his fondness for something higher profile as he awaits a possible return for the summer.

After an impressive display of three wins (in two weight classes) in just 66 days last year, it seemed like Chimaev’s path to becoming an MMA superstar was unfolding before his eyes.

One by one they came with John Phillips, Rhys McKee and then Gerald Meerschaert, who was quickly defeated by the Chechen-born Swede before they could even bring up any real crime.

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He was ready to announce his arrival as a serious threat to welterweight peaks when he was matched with top contender Leon Edwards late last year. However, a diagnosis of Covid – and the subsequent recovery from it – meant the wheels were slowing down on Chimaev’s march towards UFC Gold.

UFC chief Dana White announced that Chimaev’s recovery was delayed because the ultra-active fighter simply couldn’t stay out of the training room and allow his body to recover, and if White had possibly prescribed a new hobby for the fighter, it seems to him as if he found it.

Footage posted on Chimaev’s Instagram account on Friday afternoon showed ‘Borz’ firing a high-powered submachine gun at a shooting range – the latest example to show his fondness for high-profile guns.

While visiting his hometown of Chechnya in January, Chimaev met with local guide and well-known MMA fan Ramzan Kadyrov, where he was again given the opportunity to fire a machine gun at a shooting range – although that material has since been deleted from Chimaev’s Instagram page.

And Khamzat isn’t the only undefeated fighter to do just that after Floyd Mayweather did the same thing in Grozny in 2018 after attending a martial arts event with Kadyrov.

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However, the latest footage suggests that Chimaev has fully recovered from Covid-19 before returning to training and the next fight, which is expected to take place in July.

No name, date or location has been announced this time around – but Chimaev will certainly hope he won’t fire any loopholes in his comeback fight.