New UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has said he won’t wait for former light heavyweight king Jon Jones while he talks about possible opponents.

The Cameroonian is the talk of the town after dethroning the division’s widely recognized GOAT Stipe Miocic in the second round at the weekend.

After Ngannou avenged a loss to the Croatian in 2018, which he lost unanimously, UFC President Dana White has tried to get the star to correct another “L” on his balance sheet by taking on Derrick Lewis next.

However, in an interview with MMA Fighting on Tuesday, The Predator expressed the privilege of meeting Jon Jones.

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“I would like [Jon Jones] be [my next fight] But once again I don’t have a say ”, Ngannou began.

“I’m just trying to get through my end, which is not easy for me either. I only care about myself.

“I can’t tell Jon Jones what to do. I would love to have this fight, but I’m not going to sit here and wait for a fight because it’s the only fight.”

“There are a lot of good fights out there,” noted Ngannou.

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“There are so many fights with Derrick Lewis, for example, that we never give the fans what they expected. It’s a good fight too, ”said Ngannou, switching from Jones.

“Basically think about it after a few years [fight] I think that this fight brings a lot of drive and a lot of frustration to do it differently, ”said he second showdown with the New Orleans.

Ngannou understands Jones’ stance to be fairly compensated for their possible conflict, but is also unsure what it would do to raise its own profile and thus its bargaining power.

“Whether in the UFC or in the office, everyone who runs wants to be paid. It’s just obvious.

“In order to have a good fight, we talked about the résumé. Jon Jones is number 1 pound for pound. After battling the man known as the Heavyweight GOAT and battling the # 1 pound-for-pound guy in the sport – in terms of legacy – this is a good fight too, ”he concluded.

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