While his legions of fans were shocked when Conor McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier to KO for the first time in his career last weekend, one man who was more than happy with what he saw was competitor Justin Gaethje.

Gaethje, who ran short on his world title chance against Khabib Nurmagomedov last October, may be a few fights away from another shot at UFC Gold, but the American thug got his excitement after last weekend’s UFC 257 headliner at the Conor McGregor came into action, did not hold back Gaethje a few rungs down the easy ladder of the doctorate.

The two fighters have long been hostile to each other, in large part due to Gaethje’s leadership relationship with Ali Abdelaziz – the Dominance MMA manager who oversees the careers of Gaethje and Nurmagomedov and is a frequent and vocal critic of the Irish UFC superstar.

After Gaethje saw McGregor fall over in the second round due to a combination of cunning calf kicks and concussions, he said that McGregor’s time in the spotlight was over – at least for now.

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“For him to come out and say he wants a title shot next in a rematch with Poirier or his trainer, they’re fucking idiots,” Gaethje told ESPN.

“He received special treatment over and over again and he didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. This event was for him, this event was to be won for him.

“He wants to be Mr. Humble now, but you know he would be an ace * hole if he won this fight.”

Gaethje, who also has a defeat in his record due to a knockout from Poirier, said he was delighted with the Louisian who took revenge for the end of the first round, which he suffered six years ago from McGregor – and says so he The brazen Irishman got what he deserved.

“I don’t feel bad for him. I’m happy for Poirier, I’m glad that Poirier went out there, did his job and did it,” said Gaethje.

“I love to watch a loudmouth get knocked out, there is nothing that makes me happier. It was great to see a piece of shit not being filed. I loved it.”

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McGregor reiterated to the media before the Poirier fight he used to fight Gaethje earlier last summer, but the idea was shot down by UFC members.

With both men now returning from their defeats, it stands to reason that the UFC may be investigating whether they can bring the two 155-pound rivals together in a battle that will make both ends meet.

It would be a strange test for McGregor too; Gaethje is considered one of the best leg kickers in the sport – a technique that, after Poirier’s success, is considered by some to be the Dubliner’s kryptonite. He first stripped McGregor of his light-footedness before brutally dropping him with the punches that would ultimately lead to the competition.

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