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Franco-Austrian vaccine developer Valneva said Wednesday it would “deprioritize” centralized talks with the European Commission to deliver its coronavirus shot in the EU of 27 countries and switch to a “country-by-country” basis instead.

“We have put a lot of time and effort into meeting the requirements of the EC central procurement process. Despite our recent clinical data, we have not made any significant progress,” Managing Director Thomas Lingelbach said in a statement.

Valneva “is therefore prioritizing the ongoing centralized discussions with the European Commission,” the company said.

Instead, it said it would focus on “the Member States of the European Union and interested parties outside the EU” who expressed interest.

Unlike most high profile coronavirus shots, which use various methods to prep the immune system to fight the coronavirus, Valneva’s version is based on an “inactivated” version of the coronavirus itself.

Based outside of Nantes in western France, Valneva signed a contract with the UK last year to supply up to 190 million doses of its vaccine.

The EU announced in January that it had completed “exploratory talks” with the manufacturer in order to buy up to 60 million cans.

However, no final agreement was reached – even if the shortage of other vaccines, particularly from Anglo-Swedish maker AstraZeneca, slowed the block’s vaccination program start-up.

The company expects large-scale Phase 3 clinical trials to begin this month.

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