The team told longtime long snapper Nick Sundberg that he would not be signed again, Sundberg said on Twitter. Sundberg has been in the team since 2010 and since 2015 part of the special trio with punter Tress Way and kicker Dustin Hopkins. Sundberg was a personable figure in the locker room who acted as the team’s representative for the players. Association and was an active member of the community through its “Loads of Love” program.

“The DMV will forever have a special place in our hearts,” wrote Sundberg in his farewell, “but we look forward to the next chapter.”

In Sharpe, Washington, there is a player defensive coordinator, Jack Del Rio, who was once described as talented but inconsistent. The 25-year-old is already a journeyman – Washington is his third team in five years – but Del Rio thought he was talented and designed him in the fourth round when he coached the Raiders in 2017. Del Rio has seen him play longer: Sharpe blocked for Del Rio’s son Luke when he was the quarterback at the University of Florida.

Shortly after the deal, Del Rio was asked what he thought Sharpe could bring to the team.

“It’s up to David,” said Del Rio, adding, “The good man gave him many qualities that you look for in an offensive lineman. So he has recovered a bit in his short time in the league. If he wants to stay, the urgency and the consistent application of the things he is capable of must come about. … At some point – and he knows it – you will run out of these opportunities if you do not take advantage of them. I suspect he’ll come in here and give us everything he has. “

Last year Sharpe started the right tackle twice when the regular starter Morgan Moses switched to the left at this point. Sharpe seemed to be doing fine during his 172 snapshots; He was marked for two penalties, although neither held nor a false start. It now appears to be the fourth or fifth tackle on the roster behind Moses, the left tackle against Geron Christian, the swing tackle against Cornelius Lucas and perhaps Saahdiq Charles, last year’s fourth-round election, whose only game action on the left took place.

29-year-old Miller is in a kind of traffic jam. The team’s feature this season is Gibson, last year’s third round pick, and the addition is JD McKissic, who was in a rush 85 times and caught 80 passes last season. The coaching team also often speaks highly of Peyton Barber, a bruise primarily used in short range situations. The team has also signed Javon Leake and Jonathan Williams to complete reserves / future contracts and Bryce Love may return from the injured reserve.

Miller has never appeared in a game for Washington last season, but he’s a former standout for Miami and Houston with two seasons of 1,000 yards in his past and the ability to break free from the backcourt. He was a pro bowler for Houston in 2018, but he ripped his ACL the next preseason and still hasn’t regained his foot in the league.

“He will make a contribution,” said coach Ron Rivera of Miller in January. “He’s a handsome young man. He had a good day of training. He’s always learning more. If we had to have him, believe me, I would have no problems. He’s a smart, young soccer player who played good soccer in his day. “