Former Seattle Seahawks superstar Marshawn Lynch has been trying to allay some of the issues surrounding the various Covid-19 vaccines as some African American communities fear the sting.

Lynch earned a reputation for being one of the NFL’s toughest competitors in a 12-year career on the grate in which he claimed a lone Super Bowl ring and five Pro Bowl appearances, but himself the man known as “Beast Mode” admits he has some reservations about the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Many figures in the African American and Hispanic communities have expressed serious reservations about the shot, given decades of claims that the federal government often did not have the best interests of minorities in its hearts.

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To learn more, Lynch invited the infectious disease expert – and the much-discussed personality in American life – Dr. Anthony Fauci on his podcast where Lynch expressed concern about the vaccine adoption and asked if the vaccine would abandon him anymore. “f * cked up” as if he hadn’t taken it.

“We don’t seem to be finished in these situations,” said Lynch, who admitted he has not yet received a dose of the vaccine.

“I mean, I think there is an education-like situation and not so much vaccination, but every time we are told that we are going to be able to give ourselves or bring something to our communities to help us help It seemed very bad for us. “

Fauci called Lynch’s concern “a really good point,” but said that three of the most famous vaccines currently being used around the world have been tested on more than 30,000 people – including African Americans and Hispanics.

“I fully respect the reluctance of African Americans to do this because you are absolutely right that the federal government has not been proud of for decades, particularly on the medical issue of how it has treated African Americans” explained Fauci.

“When we’re over this outbreak, let’s hope we don’t forget all the things you’re talking about. We need to remember that we are now through this coronavirus pandemic. Let’s vaccinate African American and Hispanics.

“But when it’s over, we’ll try to make a commitment that will likely last decades and decades to try to reverse the conditions under which African Americans got behind the eight-ball in the first place. We have to do that.”

Lynch also stated that his stance is not to force people on either side of the debate, but rather to provide people with the information they may need to make an informed decision for themselves.

“Everything is instructive for me,” he said via AP. “Hopefully this will benefit the people who need the information that the training needs. Hopefully it makes an impression. “

A number of health concerns were identified with the early introduction of the vaccinations as both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines were “paused” in certain markets because of concerns that this could lead to a higher rate of potentially fatal blood clots in recipients .

However, medical professionals have warned that prolonged interruption of vaccine administration could cost lives – and that the potential negative effects of a vaccine are far outweighed by the dangers of contracting Covid-19.

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