Woody Allen denied claims that he sexually abused his own daughter, Dylan Farrow , in his very first television interview in nearly three decades! Read what the controversial director had to say about the re-emerged allegations!

Allen called the allegations that he molested his now estranged daughter “absurd!”

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However, the man said that he is convinced that she believes the abuse took place.

While giving an interview with CBS on Sunday morning that apparently was filmed in July, Woody shared, “It’s so absurd and yet the smear is left. And they prefer to hold on to the possibility that I molested them, if not the idea that I molested Dylan. Nothing I’ve ever done with Dylan in my life could be so misunderstood. ‘

The full sit-down was aired today, two weeks after the HBO miniseries Allen v. Farrow, published on ViacomCBS’s Paramount + streaming platform.

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The famous director continued, “I think she thinks so [happened]. She was a good kid and I think she thinks so. You know, I don’t think she made it up. I don’t think she’s lying. I think she does. ‘

This is not the first time Allen has said something similar.

In 2014, he wrote a counter for the New York Times in which he said, “I have no doubt that Dylan doesn’t believe she was molested, but when a vulnerable child is taught by a strong mother from 7 years of age, hating her father for being a monster who abused her. After many years of indoctrination, is it so inconceivable that the image of me Mia wanted to establish took root? ‘

The allegations first appeared during the exes’ custody dispute.

Connecticut State Police opened an investigation at the time, but the director was never charged or arrested. Instead, he was denied the right to visit Dylan.